Every couple has a unique adventure that can be told through the art of visual story telling.

Filmmaking is about creating an everlasting memoir of our lives as people. We want to be able to look back to laugh, cry, learn and remember who we are. That's why I care so much about making every second count in my films. This is much more than just nostalgia, it's legacy.

Lets take this step together.


I am by trade, a filmmaker. From working with small businesses, bands, nonprofits and specific individuals, I provide skilled services in videography and video editing, graphic design and photography.

Over my career and life, my travels around the globe have piqued a curiosity within myself to explore, dig deep and come out the other side with an experience that, if anything, only spurs myself on to explore further. It’s a valuable skill when creating content and telling stories, especially when the topic is something I’m passionate about. It manifests in my work: How can I tell the story that YOU want to tell?

Some photos and frames from non wedding projects. ^^^