Purple Gives Gold - The University of Mary Hardin-Baylor Alumni Campaign

Purple Gives Gold is through the development office at The University of Mary Hardin-Baylor. The Alumni Center asked me to take on this project in February of 2016. I was asked to make 4 videos reflecting the mission of the campaign. I worked on pre-production, production and post-production as a one-man-band on this project.

The Story of Julia

Julia is a Music Education Major at the University. She is passionate about taking advantage of the opportunities UMHB has as a small University and getting to know the professors on a personal level. Here is a short video of her talking about her experience and how scholarships have helped her achieve her goals as a student and person:

The Story of Julia Trailer

The Story of Wes

Wes' experience in coming to UMHB has ran parallel with his experience as a Christ follower and the people he has met. He talks about how his youth pastor, former alumni, helped him fall in love with coming to UMHB and gain scholarships. Listen to him talk about his experience in this short video:

The Story of Wes Trailer

The Story of the Woods Family

The Woods have a lot of experience with the University from attending it to working full time for it. They are passionate about giving because they want their kids to attend a University like UMHB. Listen to their story in this short video:

The Story of the Woods Family Trailer

Purple Gives Gold Promo

This is small drone shot video with a voice over. This is made to reflect the Purple Gives Gold project in general: