Summer of 2015 I traveled with Mike Romero Music capturing their lives on the road and interviewing them. I was commissioned to create a documentary and some lyric videos. The documentary was a challenge for sure. Before that Summer I had never had an opportunity to make a formal narrative put right in my face. Part of the challenge involved my more divergent approach to making videos by piecing elements at hand together rather than planning for those elements to be created. This was an especially challenging obstacle when I had to plan for the interviews. Throughout the process I learned two things: the value of merging both convergent and divergent approaches to creativity; and documentaries are actually perfect for having a more divergent approach to creative things because documentaries tend to be the most flexible types of film narratives.

Short Documentary Trailer

Some pictures

Instagram Social Teasers

As I traveled with these guys and captured their lives, I made short Instagram videos along the way to show people what they were doing. You could say that these were a form of teaser material.

Wildfire Lyric Video

Here is some other work I have done for Mike Romero Music: